Some client comments as we collected them during project evaluations:

Comments from clients

Fantastic bit of work, with a nuanced understanding of what is required for a suitable system.
I am impressed by the research and the Employees Council also responded positively. Intergo made a number of very worthwhile recommendations.
We were in a hurry during several phases of the project and you helped us excellently.
Very pleased with the response strategy, and we believe that the research approach should be followed nationwide.
Due to the lack of sufficient hard requirements (UIC) for train head lamps, the ergonomics proved decisive for the choice. Intergo showed in her report to all parties involved the value of LED head lamps.
We must express our appreciation about the good cooperation in getting the research off the ground and our praise for the results achieved and their excellent quality.
Adequate and quick responses to unplanned questions. This flexibility has great added value in complex projects that also are under time pressure.
We had some initial reservations about the costs, but you identified issues that we would never have thought of. It was certainly worth the money.
Questions are answered quickly and adequately. Apart from assessments and advices, other problems were identified and solutions proposed.
Intergo has quickly responded to my wishes. Also, they were ready to cooperate in unexpected changes in the project. Their involvement helped to clarify the real question, and to get a Go for the next phase of the project.
Intergo (you!) rendered HSA a good service...
Intergo's contribution was an important part and essential to the project.
We were impressed with the thorough approach and the reporting was solid as a rock.
Just contributes the extra value in a research project we started. Cooperation is optimal due to a contribution of relevant expertise combined with understanding our operating environment.
The response to unplanned questions is quick and capable. This flexibility represents enormous added value in complex projects that are often a race against the clock.
Investment in Intergo's design was very paying: 'Without Intergo's exertion it would have been nothing!'
The cooperation is based on respect and transparency.


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