3T Logic

3T LOGIC is our partner regarding organizational issues. Their own developed 3T model can be employed with clients that have to or want to change to cope with their business environment. Or just to improve performance. Joint focus on business environment, strategy, primary process, and personnel may well be the solution. 

Human Company

Human Company is our partner in the Safety Integrity Audit (SIA). This instrument to asses safety culture in an organization was a joint development of Human Company and Intergo. Human Company has great expertise in the field of personality characteristics, and motivation in a safety critical environment.

Verebus is our partner in the Rail Yard Analysis (Emplacementsanalyse). This instrument to assess location, visibility, conspicuity, and logic of railside signals, was a joint developement of Verebus and Intergo. Verebus' input is their technical   expertise, while Intergo incorporates the human perspective.


Pausdam 2
3512 HN Utrecht
The Netherlands
+31 30 677 87 00


Human Factors at The Oscars

- 15 Mar 2017 -

My fellow human factors specialist Steven Shorrock wrote an excellent blog about the incident at The Oscars where the wrong movie was initially...

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Intergo welcomes a new colleague.

- 31 Aug 2017 -

Eleonora is our new colleague! She studied Industrial Design and Design for Interaction specialized in Medical Design.

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