PRS Ergonomics Award

The PRS Ergonomics Award was established as recognition for the work which prof. Pieter Rookmaaker, both in The Netherlands and internationally, has done to develop ergonomics, as well as the application of it. The granting of the price occurs under responsibility of the Pieter Rookmaaker Foundation, set up on the occasion of the farewell of professor Rookmaaker as managing director of Intergo. In this Foundation the Dutch Ergonomics Society (NVvE) and Intergo are represented. Also the association for registered ergonomists in The Netherlands (ReN) supports the award.

Aim of the award (EUR 2500 and a trophy) is to reinforce the positive impression of ergonomics in the Dutch society by giving attention to striking and very valuable applications of ergonomics in the broadest sense of the word.

In October 2009 the 2nd edition of the PRS Ergonomics Award was won by "Spookie Bikes" by Matthias Alderweireldt: see (in Dutch) for more information.

The GVB Amsterdam has won the first award in 2006 with the Comfortizer, an apparatus that measures the vibration of a tram and gives feedback to the driver. The driver can adapt his driving behaviour so that the comfort for travellers improves.


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