Man-computer interface for ERTMS/ETCS

Client: European Rail Research Institute (ERRI)
Sector: Rail & public transport » Safety

Trains across Europe pass borders more frequently. But each country has a different system to protect and control the train. To prevent the necessity to have on board a train control system for each country the train crosses a European Train Control System (ERTMS/ETCS) is developed. Furthermore this system is compatible with all existing national systems.


Intergo took a great part in the development of the man-computer interface for ERTMS/ETCS. Many drivers from different European railway companies were able to evaluate the design proposals using a mobile operational simulator. The simulator tool consists of an environmental part (movie of simulated track), a train borne part (driver desk equipped with touch screen for information and control) and a test control part (scenarios, events and recording functions).


The drivers are highly enthusiastic about the possibilities for information presentation and control the man-computer interface offers. The design proposal is described in detail in a European Standard. As a result, each supplier of the European Train Control System is able to deliver the same user interface for the driver.


Development of a European solution for the Man-Machine ETCS Interface. Utrecht: UIC/AMG, UIC report: A200/M.F5-945222-02.00-950228, Maessen, E.J.M., Rookmaaker, D.P., Verhoef, L.W.M., & Vorderegger, J.R.(1995). 14Mb

ERTMS (ETCS/EIRENE) MMI. The Man Machine Interface of the European Train Control System and the European Radio System for Railways. UIC, Paris, October 1998. 10Mb

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