Railway accident

Client: Onderzoeksraad voor Veiligheid (vh Raad voor de Transportveiligheid (RVTV)
Sector: Rail & public transport » Safety

Trains passing signals at danger (SPAD, passing signals showing red light) have led several times to accidents with large material damage. Because passing a signal at danger is a very serious error for a train driver the question was raised how this could have happened.


Starting from the facts of the accident Intergo made a chronological description of the course of events and related this to, among others, the (supposed) perceptions, conclusions and expectations of the driver. 


It could be shown that not one single cause but a coincidence of multiple causes led to the disturbance of the highly automated perception process of the train driver. The investigations made clear which human factors should be considered as a substantial risk factor. The recommendations given could help to reduce a number of risk factors. 

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Richard van der Weide MSc EurErg Richard van der Weide MSc EurErg
managing partner / human factors consultant

Melcher Zeilstra MSc EurErg Melcher Zeilstra MSc EurErg
partner / human factors consultant