Client: Dutch Railways
Sector: Rail & public transport » Vehicles

Netherlands' main transport company, NS Reizigers, intends to offer travellers a combination of information and entertainment (news, weather forecast, interesting sites, advertisements) via displays. Intergo is involved in the set-up of a first pilot.


Intergo was consulted on the following subjects:

  • Display structure and layout with regard to readability and clarity;
  • Placement of displays in the train carriages;
  • Determinants of conspicuity (change of images, use of colour, speed of movements)

Because the project is still in a starting phase Intergo constrained itself to judging screen layouts and giving recommendations for further elaboration.


A good readability, which is especially important for travel information, is a problem in long passenger compartments. These can be as long as almost 10 metres. Because there is so much travel information, it is impossible to present this all in an adequately large font. One recommendation therefore is to present just the core of the information, for instance the next station, in a font that is sufficiently large for all travellers. Details like transfer information can be displayed in a smaller font. Interested travellers can approach the screen on their way out and read this information. By making this distinction in importance the screen is more friendly to the eye. 

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Richard van der Weide MSc EurErg Richard van der Weide MSc EurErg
managing partner / human factors consultant

Melcher Zeilstra MSc EurErg Melcher Zeilstra MSc EurErg
partner / human factors consultant