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We have developed and accumulated specialised expertise in our team of Ergonomists and Consultants in various sub-areas of Human Factors and Ergonomics. Based on this we have divided our service provision into the following services:

Interaction & Product concerns designing human oriented interfaces for physical products or digital applications. Observation, cognition and physical implementation are core concepts.

Workplace & Control Room concentrates on the development of complex work places in safety-critical environments. As various tasks and tools that must be optimally attuned to the environment and each other, converge at a workplace.

Workload & Organisation advises organisations about physical and mental workload, including organisational improvements.

Risks & Incidents provides (contributions to) risk analyses for innovations and independent incident analyses. This is always done from the perspective of human factors: this means that on the one hand the human factor can provide a meaningful and sustainable contribution and on the other hand any ‘human errors’ that occurred can be explained.