Interaction & Product

Interaction & Product

Whether it concerns physical products or digital applications, Intergo ensures an optimal interface design. With our 'Human Centred Design' approach we achieve user friendliness, efficiency and safety. We are specialised in translating organisational goals to user specifications.

Naturally we always carefully analyse for which target groups a design is intended, and which characteristics and behaviour is important. We believe in 'Inclusive Design': a design that is accessible or usable by as large a target group as possible, without excluding people with disabilities.

User Experience

We focus more and more on the entire User Experience (UX design): this service concentrates on analysis and design for the entire experience when using a product or service. This approach has a much wider focus than just functionality. It also focuses on the pleasure, the emotion and the appreciation of the end user. Cultural diversity is also an important factor.

Service Provision

Our service provision is specifically focussed on, for example: HMI design, GUI design, style guides, alarm-philosophy, controls. Below are examples of a number of projects.

Interaction & Product - projects

Safety signs at escape doors in train tunnels

In new train tunnels ProRail installs an extra safety sign which indicates at calamities that behind a emergency door to a next tube still moving trains can be present. It is thereby important that this safety sign is the same in all rail tunnels. read more

Interface for ERTMS/ETCS

Trains across Europe pass borders more frequently. But each country has a different system to protect and control the train. To prevent the necessity to have on board a train control system for each country the train crosses a European Train Control System (ERTMS/ETCS) is developed. Furthermore this system is compatible with all existing national systems. read more

New Amsterdam metro cabin

Intergo was chosen by Alstom Transport to deliver an independent report about the ergonomic quality of the new Amsterdam metro cabin. read more

Labels of flacons containing ready to use solutions for infusion

Similar labels on different medicinal products can cause errors in medication. To prevent errors with these look-alike products, the pharmacy of the Albert Schweitzer Hospital developed a new method of labeling. read more