Risks & Incidents

Risks & Incidents

Innovations or changes in company processes require a risk analysis. We don't treat the human factor as a technical component  with a fixed probability of failure in such an analysis, but as a dynamic factor with unique characteristics.

Risk Analysis and Incident Investigation

Intergo is also often requested to carry out an (independent) incident investigation. Considering that in 60-90% of the incidents human behaviour has played a part, Intergo's expertise offers a definite advantage.


Intergo has methods with which the human factor can be qualitatively or quantitatively included. In doing so we subscribe to the most current methods, like BowTie, PRISMA, FMEA, CRIOP, HAZOP, STEP-analyse, ECFA+, HFIT, BFA and RCA.

Risks & Incidents - projects

LED railway light signals

LED’s are electronic light sources with several technical advantages. Railway light signals equipped with LED’s will replace the conventional candescent signals with light bulbs in the near future. read more

Entry inspection of car wrecks

Car Recycling Netherlands (ARN) is responsible for processing and recycling car wrecks in The Netherlands. After removing usable parts the wrecks will be scrapped by shredder companies. read more


CRIOP is a human factors-based risk analysis developed by SINTEF. A CRIOP analysis is performed to verify and validate whether a control centre can safely and efficiently handle all situations. read more

Train Collision Hermalle-sous-Huy

On 5 June 2016 a collision took place between a passenger train and a freight train at Hermalle-sous-Huy (Belgium). Three people died (including the driver) and nine people were seriously injured. read more