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Entry inspection of car wrecks

Car Recycling Netherlands (ARN) is responsible for processing and recycling car wrecks in The Netherlands. After removing usable parts the wrecks will be scrapped by shredder companies.

The shredder companies will perform an entry inspection before processing the wrecks to avoid dangerous and harmful substances entering the shredder. ARN and the shredder companies disagreed on the implications of incorporating such an inspection in the company processes. On the one hand it had to do with safety and other working conditions, on the other hand with time and the associated costs.

Approach & Results

Intergo performed - as an independent party - a benchmark study on the procedures used in the shredding industry. Then we developed a safe working method for the entrance inspection, defined which additional resources were needed to do the job properly and safely and we performed a time study on the time required for checking a wreck according to the established ideal methods. This advise formed a basis for further discussion between ARN and the shredding companies, resolving the differences between the parties.