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Ergonomics Program for the construction of a data center

For the construction of a data center project the owner requests an ergonomics program. An ergonomics program can be a valuable way to reduce injuries and increase productivity.

The goals of the science of ergonomics is to find a ‘best’ fit between the workers and job conditions. Ergonomics tries to come up with solutions to make sure workers stay safe, comfortable, and productive. The ergonomics program is incorporated in the existing Health and Safety Plan. 

Based on a risk assessment a summary of the hazards for the project were described, related to the various trades (concrete, steel, cladding, mechanical / electrical) and stages for the project. Posters were created that show the risks and instructions for the workers per trade.

During the construction there are many workers on site. It is therefore decided to work with so-called superusers for instructing the workers on ergonomic aspects. Through a train-the-trainer course 30 supervisors learned about:

  • ergonomic aspects in the construction site;
  • the relevant working methods for the workers;
  • instructions for a dynamic warming-up.