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Logistics department Friesland Campina

Friesland Campina Cheese & Butter has performed a risk inventory and evaluation (RI&E) for location Wolvega. read more

Shell Security Control Room Rijswijk

The integration of different systems into one new Security Management System and a new location formed an opportunity to redesign the security control room of the Shell premises in Rijswijk (The Hague, NL). read more

Workplace consultancy Shell Metamorphosis project

The Shell head office in The Hague undergoes a large-scale renovation and building of new offices. In commission of Shell Health Services Intergo has taken part in the team of Workplace consultants. read more

Central Control Room Vopak

Operators working in the Central Control Room are responsible for the distribution of products that are stored at the Vopak terminal. Vopak Terminal Botlek Noord asked Intergo to create a functional design of the new CCR that fits the expected way of working. read more

Review of a DCS display for process industry

In the process industry safe and efficient operation of production processes is an essential task. Consequences of errors can be very big (accidents, material damage, calamities etc.). For the operation of a specific process DSC displays were developed. read more

RSI approach in the meat industry

A company in the meat industry had for a long time a high staff absenteeism and many complaints about the packing units. Much has already been tried, but the solution to push back staff absenteeism and complaints, was not found. The company didn’t know what to do. It was, as a matter of speaking,... read more

Entry inspection of car wrecks

Car Recycling Netherlands (ARN) is responsible for processing and recycling car wrecks in The Netherlands. After removing usable parts the wrecks will be scrapped by shredder companies. read more

Manning and physical load

Matino Admeco B.V. was planning to implement an extra production station while maintaining the current manning. As it was expected that physical load would increase due to this change, Matino wanted to know whether or under which conditions the change would be acceptable. read more

Supervision and control for traction power supply

On the freight-train track ‘Havenspoorlijn’ trains will run on the high 25 kV power supply voltage instead of the usual 1500 V. This new traction power supply will be different in supervision, control and also: risks. read more

Lowering physical load of electricians

NedTrain R&O Haarlem has asked Intergo to examine the possibilities to reduce the physical load of the electricians. The aim is to reduce the number of physical complaints and to reduce the absence due to illness. read more