Never before has there been so much societal and political attention on healthcare; placing it high on the collective agenda. Not only is attention focussed on cost trends it is increasingly focussed on the quality of the care provided. Care providers must therefore strive, on the one hand, for far-reaching efficiency, and on the other, to optimise the value of the care for the patient. Such a ‘value based healthcare’ approach demands a lot of the care providers. Intergo's services are perfectly aligned to these needs. The human factor in healthcare is definitely crucial for providing quality care.

Risk and incident analysis in healthcare is one of Intergo's specialisations. A clear explanation of the influence of people on risks and incidents can be given, based on our Human Factors expertise. Fault tolerant and user friendly work environments can be developed using these insights. The better the design, technology and facilities are aligned to the work situation, the safer, healthier, more pleasant, and efficient the work will be.


Intergo focuses on healthcare with the following products:

  • Interaction & Product: man machine interfaces, medical equipment, alarm management, user friendly and fault tolerant design, routing & signing.
  • Workplace & Control Room: design of operating theatres, layout studies, accessibility, care logistics, location of medical equipment.
  • Workload & Organisation: diagnostic processes, physical and mental workload, fatigue management, fit-for-duty, timetable scheduling, care process, learning organisation, infusion policy.
  • Risks & Incidents: carrying out risk and incident analyses (BowTie, FMEA, CRIOP, HAZOP, STEP analysis, ECFA+, HFIT, BFA and RCA), and providing training.

Several of our Clients

NFU (Dutch Federation of University Medcal Centers) - Haaglanden Medical Center - Studelta – Pontes Medical – Amstelland Hospital - Albert Schweitzer hospital - Alrijne Hospital (Rijnland en Diaconessenhuis Leiden) - Spaarne Hospital - Hospital Gelderse Vallei – Philips.

Contacts Healthcare

Alfred van Wincoop MSc

Alfred van Wincoop MSc

Gert-Jan Kamps MSc

Gert-Jan Kamps MSc

Healthcare - projects

Developing and judging barriers after medical incidents

On behalf of the Netherlands Federation of University Medical Centres (NFU) Intergo was asked to provide knowledge and expertise in the development of a tool that could judge the quality of improvement measures after an incident. read more

Labels of flacons containing ready to use solutions for infusion

Similar labels on different medicinal products can cause errors in medication. To prevent errors with these look-alike products, the pharmacy of the Albert Schweitzer Hospital developed a new method of labeling. read more

Ergonomics of a hospital bed

A short investigation was performed on problems in the use of a new hospital bed at Hospital Gelderse Vallei. The problems related to the adjustments of the headrest and the height of the bed. read more

Health and safety aspects of a new hospital

The hospital Diaconessenhuis Leiden constructed a new building. A Health and Safety Service-scan was performed on the current plans and drawings of the building (including the drawings of the interior). read more

more projects