Ergonomic improvements of a transmission electron microscope

FEI Company develops and produces ion and electron microscopes for customers all over the world. FEI regards ergonomics as a important product characteristic.
Therefore FEI asked Intergo to give support to the ergonomic improvements of the Tecnai G, a transmission electron microscope.

Approach & Results

In cooperation with FEI Research & Development, Engineering en Design, Intergo evaluated the microscopist's working posture. Two new design guidelines were developed on the basis of the evaluation. Bases on the these guidelines the supplier of the binocular had developed a new one that meets these guidelines. Adjustments to binocular, working surface and monitor, provide better working posture. FEI Tecnai G meets the ergonomic requirements for work, working height, eye position, reach, and most importantly, adjustability. During a photo and video session the final design of the ergonomic transmission electron microscope is tested by several users. 

The ergonomic improvement is such a success for FEI Company that the next step was made: market introduction of the Tecnai G. (ICEM -15 Durban, august 2002). Intergo supported FEI Company with this introduction by supplying texts and pictures for a sizeable sales pack and for a user manual. For both user manual and sales pack, parts of the photo and video session were used. FEI Company strives for ergonomic desirable work surroundings for its products. Intergo's advice and support, played an essential role in the improvement of the Tecnai microscope.