Labels of flacons containing ready to use solutions for infusion

Similar labels on different medicinal products can cause errors in medication. To prevent errors with these look-alike products, the pharmacy of the Albert Schweitzer Hospital developed a new method of labeling.


The pharmacy of the Albert Hospital had started to develop new labels as a response to notifications of a few incidents. Intergo was approached to provide feedback on the labels that were being developed. The feedback consisted of design suggestions and explanations of human perception and human error, to clarify the reasoning behind the design suggestions.


Since the new labels have been in place, no more erroneous swaps in the use of the solutions for infusion were reported. The nurses are very satisfied with the new distinction between the flacons. The adapted labels were selected as one of the ten best entries for the IGZ Health Safety Price 2011; a price for the best initiative in the domain of patient and client safety in healthcare.