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Devices train driver

Dutch train drivers have several innovative devices and applications to their disposal when operating trains, such as a tablet or smartphone. These innovations replace out-dated devices and provide opportunities for displaying integrated information, which train drivers can use to optimize their driving strategy.

The application of these innovations has an impact on train driver workload, and potentially increases the risk of train driver distraction. Currently there is no overall picture of the impact of (the combination of) these devices on the train driver. To create this ‘picture’, Intergo (together with the Netherlands Railways) developed a practical applicable method, using different models describing distraction and workload.

This project resulted in a method to assess workload and train driver distraction and is applied at the Netherlands Railways to determine the overall level of workload and potential distraction. The application of this method provided useful insights in the level of workload for the driving task.

An advantage of this newly developed method is that it can be applied to assess workload and distraction for scenarios with innovations that haven’t been implemented yet.