Rail & Public Transport

Train Traffic control centers

ProRail is modernizing their existing train traffic control rooms. New furniture will be used and ProRail also wants to optimize the layout of the control room to new working strategies and functions.

Together with a group of experts of the control rooms Intergo developed a new design concept for the control rooms.

Intergo performed the following activities:
1. First, a functional relation diagram was made, which shows the relations/communications between different functions in the control rooms.
2. Next, we developed in a participatory way four possible layouts with small 1:25 models of the workstations placed on a 2D plan of the room. The best two solutions were selected for the next step.
3. The two 'best' layouts were converted into 3D digital models of the control room. This made it possible to ‘walk’ through a control room from the perspective of small or large employees as well as from a standing or sitting position. This gave very clear insight in the pros and cons of the different layouts, and allowed for detailed optimizations.
4. Eventually, one of the layouts was chosen as the definite design concept. This design concept was developed according to the ergonomic standards and also in agreement with the employees of the control room. A 3D animation of the final design was produced to inform all other staff.

In the design process we also paid attention to the lighting, arrangement of displays etc.

This participatory approach is very time effcient, and assures support from management and end users by defining strict design principles, roles and responsibilities up front. The human factors consultant serves both as a process facilitator as well as an expert on ergonomics issues.

Watch the new traffice control centers on Youtube