Transport & Infrastructure

Transport & Infrastructure

Current economic developments mean that traffic flows in the freight and transport sectors Air, Water and Road are on the increase. In order to cope with this growth, players in the transport sector must rely more on innovation. The impact of technology and the translation of data will increasingly determine the processes in the logistics chain. Intergo has a lot of experience in this area. For example, in the design of vehicles/vessels, transport-control and infrastructure. Naturally our Human Factors Expertise stands us in good stead. Intergo is committed to improving safety, but also focuses on an efficient, sustainable and pleasant use of these transport systems.

It is in fact the sheer quantity of stakeholders in these transport systems that makes our work relevant: managers of vehicles/vessels, passengers, infrastructure operators, regulators. All these parties have varying requirements; Intergo is able to translate these into an optimal design.


Intergo focuses with the following products on freight and transport by Air, Water, and Road:

  • Interaction & Product: style guides, operating consoles, alarm management.
  • Workplace & Control Room: simulators, bridges (on ships), traffic control centres, traffic control towers, CCTV systems.
  • Workload & Organisation: uniform operating concepts, physical and mental workload, fatigue management, timetable scheduling, staffing.
  • Risks & Incidents: carrying out risk and incident analyses (BowTie, FMEA, CRIOP, HAZOP, STEP analysis, ECFA+, HFIT, BFA and RCA), and providing training.

Several of our Clients

Flemish Waterways – Rijkswaterstaat (Dutch Ministry of Infrastructre and Water Management) – Air Traffic Control The Netherlands– Dutch Safety Board - Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate - Agidens - Province of Zeeland - IHC.

Contacts Transport & Infrastructure

Kirsten Schreibers MSc EurErg

Kirsten Schreibers MSc EurErg

Jouke Rypkema MSc

Jouke Rypkema MSc

Transport & Infrastructure - projects

Root causes in airside safety

Safety in all processes on Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is of utmost importance. The Schiphol joint sector Integral Safety Office identified residual risks in aircraft ground handling and ground transportations despite previous actions undertaken. Therefore, the need to truly understand these risks and the root causes behind them has arisen. read more

Human factors when operating bridges and locks

Managers of the platform Water Meets Water (Dutch WOW) want to take into account the Human Factors when developing and realizing moving objects like bridges and locks. Intergo has, in cooperation with the platform, developed a Human Factors framework for the control of bridges and locks. read more

Traffic center Province of South-Holland

The province of South-Holland is developing a new integrated service and traffic center, to achieve an optimized use of the road and waterways. The province explicitly focusses on the interaction between man, machine and environment, based on recommendations of the Dutch Safety Board which reported in 2016 about a fatal incident at the Den Uylbrug, Zaandam. read more

Manning instrument for EU inland waterways

In the inland waterway transport sector, the European Social Partners - ETF, EBU and ESO - aim for the development of modern manning regulation for crewmembers on the European Waterway Network. The only regulation in force now is the RNP (Rhine Navigation Personnel). read more

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