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Simulator Vlaamse Waterweg

De Vlaamse Waterweg develops a simulator with regards to the remote operation of bridges and locks, including a training facility. read more

Uniform workstation for bridges and locks control

Uniform workstation

The Ministry of Infrastructure & Waterways, section Traffic and Shipping, developed a framework with requirements for uniform workstations for control of nautical objects like bridges and locks. read more

Guidelines for bridge and lock operation

The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Waterways has recently developed several guidelines with respect to the operation of movable bridges and locks. The implementation of this cohesive package of guidelines should lead to a safe and ergonomically sound work area for the bridge and lock... read more

Uniform Work Station for Road Traffic Control Centre Operators

Uniform work station

The Ministry of Waterways and Public Works has optimised the work station of the road traffic control centre operators. These uniform new work stations are already in place in a number of traffic control centres. read more

Renovation air traffic control towers

For the renovation of the air traffic control towers in Beek (Maastricht Aachen Airport) and Eelde an ergonomic design analysis was completed. read more

Necessity of a second air traffic control tower

Schiphol Amsterdam Airport created a fifth runway in order to relieve a less favourably located runway.
This runway was quite far away from the current control tower. read more

Task analysis Schiphol Tower-West

As an intermediate phase in the training of all-round air traffic controllers, an air traffic controller will be employed in the second tower (Tower-West at the runway) of Schiphol Amsterdam Airport. read more

Error proneness of radio frequencies

In the aviation sector, there is congestion on the (radio) frequency band. This means that the request is made at some stations from time to time to change frequencies to get space for new frequencies, or to solve technical problems with existing frequencies. read more

Parking on license number

A new way of parking, using the license number of the car, and new ways of paying the parking fee require new parking terminals to be placed in the streets of Amsterdam. read more

Redesign cutter dredger operating cabin

IHC Merwede B.V. wants to bring the design of the operating cabin and the layout of the control panel in a new cutter dredger in conformity with Occupational Health & Safety regulations en human factors principles. Also the cabin will be given an up-to-date look & feel. Intergo has been asked to... read more

Ergonomic review Drillers’ Control Cabin

Huisman Equipment BV is building a drilling installation with control cabins on a ship. From the cabin operators control and monitor the drilling operation, as well as visual as on screens. Intergo has carried out an ergonomic review of the operators’ workplace, work position and the... read more

Console Fall Pipe Vessel

The development of a renewed operating console for stone placement, with which oil and gas pipelines are stabilised offshore, led Tideway to a question for ergonomic support from Intergo. read more