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Intergo moves to new offices

01/09/2019 - Exactly on our 18th birthday Intergo moved to new offices. The next step in maturity and growth. We said goodbye to our cute monumental building in Utrecht and moved to Snouckaertlaan 42 in Amersfoort. But why exactly?

  • Our beautiful new office is much larger, allowing us to grow further.
  • There is a separate training room: training can therefore be given in-house. Workshops that we do in the context of projects can of course also be held there.
  • The Snoukaertlaan is very easily accessible. By public transport you can walk from Amersfoort Station in a few minutes. Amersfoort has a direct connection with Schiphol Airport (44 min.). The accessibility from A1 and A28 is excellent by car, and you can park your car in our own parking lot. You can find the details on our contact page.
  • We work activity-based: there are spaces for creativity and innovation, for collaboration, for concentration, for presentations, etc. And there are landing workplaces where partners in our network can always go.
  • We are fully equipped. There is LED lighting, solar panels, cooling, wireless communication, large presentation screens, writable walls, etc. And good coffee!

Above all, it is a beautiful building with a warm interior where everyone can feel comfortable.

Of course, you are also welcome. Later this year we will organize an opening event. You will hear more about that in due course.

PS Our telephone numbers have not changed!


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