Alfred van Wincoop MSc

Alfred van Wincoop MSc

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What motivates Alfred

Since 2001, Alfred is involved with Intergo. First as board member and nowadays as partner. In particular his focus is on the healthcare, nautical and industry sectors. He had several international positions as CEO within the ship building and steel construction industry. Within these industries he brought the Human Factors discipline into practice by means of lean management and operational excellence processes. For Alfred it has always been the challenge to let the employees perform at their best, as people make the difference. Human Factors is about the interaction between people, technology and organizations. The optimization of these interactions leads to operational excellence and therefore to positive results in the areas of safety and efficiency.

What does Alfred do

Focus on safety, workload, operational excellence, risk and incident analysis within the healthcare, nautical and industry sectors.


Mechanical Engineering (MSc, Twente)
Various positions in the ship building sector, industry, steel construction, mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance.
Member of the Incident Investigation TeamĀ LFI24