Dirk de Knecht MSc HVK

Dirk de Knecht MSc HVK

Human factors & safety consultant
deknecht@intergo.nl | linkedin

What motivates Dirk?

Dirk originally studied biology at the University of Utrecht with a specialisation in environment and education science. He has gained plenty of experience in both areas, especially in the industry. Some years ago he completed a course in business administration and one in safety sciences and he is now a safety engineer. 

Dirk is particularly interested in people's role in processes and industries. Thanks to his multidisciplinary vision he is a sparring partner when it comes to incident analyses, behavioural and cultural change. But also when it comes to creating and guaranteeing craftsmanship.

Dirk is convinced that not only people should continue to learn, but that only learning organizations have a chance of survival. Like Darwin said: survival of the fittest.

What does Dirk do?

Safety & risk, safety cases, risk and incident analyses
Developing and giving of courses/trainings/education
Change management
Behavioural and cultural change
Develop craftsmanship


Biology (MSc University Utrecht)
Business administration (Hogeschool NCOI)
Process safety (PHOV)
Safety science (HVK, PHOV)

And more

Teacher for the course MVK
Editor of NVvK-info
Principal author of the book Operationele veiligheid (Operational safety) and co-author of the Praktijkgids arbeidsveiligheid (Work Safety Practice Guide)