Eleonora Caprari MSc

Eleonora Caprari MSc

Human factors consultant
caprari@intergo.nl | linkedin

What motivates Eleonora

Eleonora is interested in how people deal with information and how products support them in making sense of it, especially when they operate in complex contexts. She studied product design with a master in human-product interaction and user experience. Within this study she learned how to analyze complex scenarios to identify who are the different stakeholders, how they interact with each other and the environment, deriving users’ specific needs.

With her approach, she tries to involve users as much as possible from research to testing, using empathy as the key skill to understand the users behavior, feelings and needs. She uses these findings as the main inspiration for her designs. Her objective is always to deliver meaningful, supporting and empowering solutions.

She likes to explore different topics, but her main interest and experience lie in the healthcare field, a sector she finds rich of opportunity areas for improving safety for workers and patients, both via process and product design.

What does Eleonora do

UX design
Human-Machine Interface design
Product-service-systems design


Design for Interaction, with specialization in medical design (M.Sc., TU Delft)
Industrial Design (Politecnico di Milano)