Gert-Jan Kamps MSc

Gert-Jan Kamps MSc

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What motivates Gert-Jan

At Leiden University Gert-Jan specialized in the safety science aspects of psychology, human error in particular. During his study Gert-Jan already recognized the potential of intelligent healthcare technologies to overcome human cognitive limitations and greatly increase patient safety while providing a magnitude reduction in human error. However, it is also clear to Gert-Jan that a deep knowledge of human cognition is critical to the effective implementation of such technologies in healthcare.

Gert-Jan’s ambition is to help develop truly practical applications of human information processing knowledge to make work environments much, much safer, especially for those working in Healthcare. Intelligent technologies do play a critical role in achieving this, but Gert-Jan worries techno-optimism will lead to a disregard of the nature of human cognition. By integrating Human factors knowledge into patient safety improvement initiatives, in a structural manner, the work places of medical personnel will become much safer.

What does Gert-Jan do

BowTie risk analysis (CGE certified)
Incident analysis
Learning from incident process
Process design and analysis


Occupational Health Psychology (Msc, Leiden University)
Psychology (BSc, Groningen University)

And more...

Founder and secretary of the board of the Dutch center for Patient Safety Foundation
Member of the Incident Investigation Team LFI24

twitteraccount: g1j