Jouke Rypkema MSc

Jouke Rypkema MSc

Human factors consultant

What moves Jouke

Technological innovations can have a great impact on peoples work. Technology can help people to make their work easier and improve the quality. On the other hand it might force people to change the way they work and extra tasks may be added.

Jouke is interested in the chances and pitfalls of technological innovations related to peoples work. How can man and technology adjusted to one another in a way that performance is optimal and workload is acceptable?

Jouke applies a multidisciplinary approach in which man, technology and work environment are integrated. He finds solutions in Man-Machine Interface (MMI) design, working methods and the organisation of the work environment. Preferably he does this in cooperation with the costumer to ensure that Human Factors knowledge will be applied effectively to daily practice.

What does Jouke do

Task analysis for structural workers task description
Work load analysis to determine the workers mental work load
Impact analysis to describe the effect of new technologies on daily work
Apply User Centred Design (UCD) methodology for optimal integration of man, task and technology
Design new concepts for work, team cooperation and work environment.


Jouke studied at the Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht and has a degree in experimental psychology (MSc)

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Member of the Dutch Ergonomics Society (NVvE)