Kirsten Schreibers MSc EurErg

Kirsten Schreibers MSc EurErg

Human factors consultant

What moves Kirsten

Kirsten is interested in people's daily work activities: she looks into the strategy people choose to achieve their goals in their work, and she advices on the best design possible.
People are her focus; they make things work as vital part from technical systems.
Kirsten makes functional designs that are accepted by all users involved, contributing to both well-being and performance.

Any issue is analysed both in a systematic and pragmatic way, which can lead to interesting insights along the way. The human factor is the common theme in a project from start to implementation. In her systems approach human, technique and organisation are inseperable.
Kirsten has got experience in different safety critical processes like industry, transport, security. She likes to share experience and knowledge from a broad range of areas such as: industry, healthcare, transport and discrete production processes.

What does Kirsten do

Analysis and design of:

  •   man-machine interface in automated processes
  •   physical and mental workload
  •   task and organisation design
  •   workstations and work environment

Development of education and courses on human factors/ ergonomics


Health Sciences (M.Sc., Universiteit Maastricht)
Industrial Design (TU Delft)
Teaching credential health education Faculty of Human Movement sciences (Vrije Universiteit)
CREE registered ergonomist

And more...

Member of the Dutch Ergonomics Society (NVvE)
Member of the Dutch Registered Ergonomists Society (ReN)
Editor and author of Handbook Work and Health (Handboek Arbeid en Gezondheid)
Author of several international publications

twitteraccount: @kschreibers