Melcher Zeilstra MSc EurErg

Melcher Zeilstra MSc EurErg

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What motivates Melcher

Melcher gets inspired by innovation: realizing new ideas, even when this seems to be impossible at first sight. Striving to a new result, together with the customer. And than innovation is source for inspiration.
Melcher is triggered by the benefits of good human factors: what can be done more effective, safer, more efficient, with more pleasure? And the biggest challenge is to transform these benefits in a business case: good human factors brings in revenues.
And last but not least Melcher loves to run Intergo. As a partner Melcher is responsible for market development, quality and finance and he is projectmanager of several big and complex projects.

What does Melcher do

Human factors en safety, risk analysis
Human factors and ergonomcs in Systems Engineering
Safety management, safety cases
Mental workload, working strategies and system performance
Task (re)design, organizational design
Workplace (re)design
Manual handling
Design and specifications of new buildings, assets and machinery


Mechanical Engineering (M.Sc., TU Twente)
Cognitive ergonomics (Utrecht University)
CREE registered ergonomist
Prince2 Foundation

And more...

Melcher is chair of the Foundation for certification of professional ergonomists in Holland (SRe). SRe warrants quality in services of professional ergonomists and human factors consultants to clients.

Member of Human Factors NL (HFNL);
Member of several Dutch standardization committees:

NEN 1824: Ergonomic requirements for the space of office workplaces (also chairing the committee)
NTA 8050: Terms of reference for Occupational Health and Safety Control Measures
NEN 6385: Ergonomic principles of the design of work systems
NEN-EN-ISO 26800 ‘Ergonomics - General approach, principles and concepts’