Thom Koning MM MSc

Thom Koning MM MSc

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What motivates Thom

Thom gets inspired by creating a platform where people can flourish. It might be in safety, in quality, in innovation or sustainability. At all these sectors he manages teams getting better and giving the human factor a central position.

What does Thom do

Thom is active in the field of safety, operational excellence, risk and incident analyses and sustainability in the maritime and offshore industry since the mid 80s. Already since the first days on board he is intrigued to have the crew work safe and efficiently. At the Shipping Inspectorate and the Dutch Safety Board he was able to practice his experience to increase safety through incident investigation.


This combination pf practical experience and safety mindset brought him to a higher management position at a major offshore marine contractor with worldwide footprint. In that position and with the support of the many employees, Thom improved the performance of the company in the areas of quality, safety, health and environment.
Member of the Incident Investigation TeamĀ LFI24