Organisations and their employees are exposed to risks. In safety-critical sectors, these can be risks with potentially major consequences with injuries or fatalities. The better you are in managing these risks, the safer your organization is and the more resilient your business operations are. Intergo is happy to share its knowledge and experience to contribute to a safe working environment.

Training can be developed to size. This also includes industry-specific training. Examples are EMSA (incident investigator maritime sector, 2 levels) and CMR-Portal patient safety (incident analysis for pharmacists).

Topics of the training can be:

  • Incident and accident investigation
  • Human factors: why do people make mistakes?
  • Safety culture
  • Why are the procedures not being followed?
  • Learning organization: organization of the organization to optimally learn from incidents

The training uses proven methodologies that are excellent to apply after the training.

Please contact Gert-Jan Kamps or Alfred van Wincoop to discover all training possibilities.